DIVE - Projekt Somnia
HSLU X Schlossberg Switzerland

Cooperation Project: Winner and 3rd place in customer voting. In collaboration with Laura Schwyter.

From our bed linen collection, the company selected two designs for a voting. With these designs, we won first and third place. Both designs have been on sale since spring 2021.

Concept/Inspiration: We were inspired by the feeling of diving as an analogy to dreaming: immersing into a fantasy world in which the rules of everyday life don’t matter and time plays no role – feeling weightless, being curious, and exploring fantasy worlds; diving through dreams.

„Dive, immerse, descend.
    Swim, zoom in, zoom out, give sense.
          Dive, move, drift, blow away,
            draw near, feel and    
Create new worlds, explore, fantasize,
sleep and dive          
        through dreams.“