Mars Sample Return
– A Piece from Beyond

Feel the Yarn Contest 2020
Finalist, participation within my study at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.


Yarn Supplier: Filatura di Pollone

Photos taken by Ben Lerch

We are once again in a period where we realize that the Earth’s resources are finite and that we have to rethink our way of life. We urgently need new solutions for our humanity and our planet and are now at the point where we are beginning to look beyond this horizon in search of new life forms in relation to our existence.

Four Mars missions are planned for 2020, involving bringing samples back from Mars to Earth – the so-called "Mars Sample Returns." With this occasion in mind, I have allowed myself to be inspired by the bizarre patterns on the surface of Mars for my outfit on the topic "Move Beyond."
Using layers, I address the theme of the mysterious surface, concealing the unknown and the unexplored beneath it. Nevertheless, with time and new technical abilities, humankind is fetching one piece after another from this strange place and presenting them for viewing.

Using a yarn range with earthen colors of the surface of Mars and vivid green and red tones as accents, I allow the harmonious structures and forms to emerge to bring the outlandish beauty of the surface of Mars to Earth.