A Sense of Matter
– a Research into Materials

Bachelorproject at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Material means more than simply a raw substance. The ways in which we obtain, process and dispose of material says a lot about how we perceive ourselves as humans on this planet and our relation to nature.
Using artistic-material research, the project focuses on wood as it is used in textile design. Looking beyond the purely material level, it explores the transformative and multi dimensional character of wood. What if we were to begin to encounter material with more respect and humility, using and reusing it more intelligently? Could we begin to view trees as more than just material resources and air filters, and ask ourselves again what a tree is, should be and can be? The bleached, fine, and highly chemical processed Tencel creates a visual estrangement as this “sterile” material could not be further away from its origin: the tree. Using floats and transfer stitches to achieve the effect of textiles that are optically always in motion, the pieces reflect on the gap between the material and its source.